About the POP Xperience

Established in 2021, the POP Xperience Academy was created to give valuable knowledge on how to start and flourish a balloon business, provide expertise hands-on training, and allow for ultimate creativity and networking within the community. "We are the FIRST balloon training academy of its kind that focuses on the artistry of balloon styling, and specializes in the business aspects necessary to be a successful entity."


Mission & Values


Increase business literacy, encourage entrepreneurship, promote generational wealth, and produce profitable graduates through the hands-on art of balloon styling.

Core Values

  • We Bring Out the Best in Others

  • We Think Massive

  • Community Service is our Jam

  • We Are the Bar

Meet the Founder & CEO

You've seen them on Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok, but that's only one side to this dynamic-duo. Sharon is the owner of Get It POPin Balloon Decor and Founder & CEO of The POP Xperience Training Academy.

Shay and Bae.jpg